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PsiKońtek - our offer for pets

For many, travelling means not only booking somewhere to stay while away, but also finding good accommodation for their dogs – travelling abroad means leaving their pets behind and many local hotels don’t allow pets. This often leads to a frantical search for someone among your family, friends, co-workers or neighbours to look after your pets, but not everybody has the necessary space for a dog or the time to look after your pet properly. Some owners end up avoiding travelling altogether.

We have the answer, offering the perfect short- or long-term facilities guaranteeing your pet a vacation of his or her own! Our facilities offer everything your pet could desire, the space to run as freely as he or she wants, someone to play with who appreciates and is happy to have these guests, or a place to just lay out in the fresh air and relax in quiet.

We treat all our guests as members of our own family. They live at home with us and our pets. Each gets his own doggy bed and can choose whether to spend his time in the house or in our huge, fenced-off yard. It all depends on their desire, interest and energy – as well as the weather. Everyday we go for long walks in the forest. We keep your dog from feeling homesick by making every effort to ensure that your dog feels at home with us.

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