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Personal items:

To help your dog feel more at home in the new surroundings, we recommend you bring along his or her own bedding or favorite blanket. Bringing along the dog’s favorite toy and bowls for water and food also help your pet feel more at home. It’s not a must, as we have everything your canine loved one will need, so it’s up to you.

How to get your dog ready for vacation:



Dog’s tummies can be very sensitive, and their tastes differ, so it is best to bring the food your dog normal eats. You, as the owner, know your pet’s needs best, so we listen carefuly and follow your dietary guidelines. We can also prepare hot meals for your pet. If your pet’s diet is the same as at home, it helps your dog acclimatize more quickly and smoothly to the new environment.

We would be also happy to advise you about proper nutrition, as we have years of experience in the area, as well as a degree in animal breeding.


Medical records:

We require that you bring your dog’s medical booklet or records showing his current vaccinations, that your pet is parasite free and has valid protection against ticks and fleas. Obligatory vaccinations: rabies, contagious disease incl. kennel cough.


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